PopMyAds.com Review

PopMyAds is an Pop-Under (Pop-Ups) AD network that pays for all traffic so you can monetize your worldwide traffic.  They are very similar to PopAds.net, their website is pretty new but their company started in 2011. They accept all kinds of websites including Adult websites. The rates you will get per 1,000 impressions depend on your traffic stats such as from what country is the visitor coming from, keep in mind that every AD network will always pay the most for USA,UK,CA traffic. Once you register an account at PopMyAds you will be able to use it as a publisher and advertiser account from the same dashboard. Their dashboard looks pretty sleek and nice. SIGN UP NOW!

The minimum payment is $5 and you can get paid by Paypal or Payza.

If you are ready to start monetizing your website by showing Pop-Unders or Pop-Ups then give PopMyAds a try and let us know how it is working for you.

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