How to Make Money with Clickbank

You might be asking yourself what is ClickBank?

Clickbank is an affiliate network in which you can promote offers or products from sellers and earn a share of the revenue deepening on the product or offer which you promote. They have a marketplace where you can browse products or offers to promote. Do some research and look for products you can promote, Test them and see how it goes.

How to get started? Sign up for ClickBank then: Review

I have been using GorillaNation for about 6 months on a site that is not traffic heavy but I have been getting pretty good earnings. You can set up a floor CPM which means they will not server ads which pay lower than what you have requested. Is better to start with a low floor CPM then increase from there. You can get booked to ads that can pay $5.00+ per 1,000 impressions,etc. Try them out! (EvolveMediaCorp) is a premium  CPM network. They work based on CPM (Cost Per Million) They pay based on impressions, they offer CPM banners and Video advertising as well. They will try to book ads for your niche by pitching your site to their clients to see who is interested in advertising in your site.