How to make money on Facebook

If you are looking to make money through social networks then Facebook is very good place to start because it’s still the biggest social media network in the world today. Since Facebook is used daily by millions of users you won’t have any problems finding the right audience to target. What we meat by targeting an audience is that we are going to show you ways that you can promote certain products that will interest an audience of your desired product, for example if you are looking to promote an affiliate product on how to lose weight then you must target users who are looking to lose weight. We will show you how to do all that so you can promote some affiliate product links and start generating some revenue from one of the most popular websites in the world.

Ways to make money online for teenagers

We all know it’s pretty difficult for teenagers to make money now a days, they are either busy with school or involved in extracurricular activities such as sports. If you are a teenager and happen to be under the age of 18 then it could be pretty hard to find a job but that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find a job. You can get working papers from your school and with those permissions you will be able to look for jobs at places that hire teenagers under the age of 18 such as fast food restaurants (McDonalds,Burger King,Wendy’s,Taco Bell,etc) but not everyone enjoys working at fast food restaurant and you will not get a lot of hours because of your school schedule but sometimes at that age it could be the only way to make your self some money. Review

GetGamers is an AD network who focuses on gaming websites since they offer gaming ads and have over 1,000+ advertisers. They offer Pop-Unders (Site under/Pop Ups), Pre-roll, Mobile and ‘Back Traffic’ campaigns. You probably never heard of a Back Traffic campaign but it basically works like this: You will earn from visitors that come to your site from search engines and leave, using “Back” button. When they click the back button they will be shown and ad page in which you will earn money from. You will be given a $20 euro bonus when you sign up.

GameRoll/DriverDigital Pre-Roll Review

GameRoll is a video pre-roll service provided by DriverDigital and allows anyone with a gaming or video website to monetize their games or videos by adding a video AD before a user is able to play a flash arcade game or view any content. This network pays on a CPM basis meaning you will get paid per every 1,000 impressions, there is no limit on how many ADS a single user can view you will be payed for every single view. The average CPM per every 1,000 USA view is $4.85. Don’t worry if you don’t have USA traffic because due to GameRoll’s partnership with Google they will be able to provide you with a 100% fill rate, so whenever they can’t find an ad to display to someone in another country then a google ad will be displayed and you will get paid for it. This network is great for users looking to monetize their worldwide traffic such as Indian,Parkistan,Iran,UK,CA,etc. This network definitely gives Intergi’s pre-roll solution a run for it’s money! Review is a great CPC/CPM  network and a great alternative to Google’s AdSense. You can use this network to monetize your worldwide traffic such as USA,CA,INDIA and Asian traffic. You can place their ads on your websites, blogs, personal pages, and social networking sites and start earning money. If you are unable to use adsense on your websites then this network is a great alternative to adsense which will help you earn money, give it  a try! Review is an ad network who offers CPC and CPM solutions. If you are an advertiser or a publisher looking to earn money from your website’s traffic then this is a great network to try. They offer an 80% revenue share and their minimum payment is only $10 so you can request payment whenever you reach that amount. They pay by PayPal on your request. SIGN UP and start monetizing your worldwide traffic such as Asian,Indian,USA,UK or just simply Worldwide traffic. Review

Moneytize is an CPC (cost per click) ad network for both publishers and advertiser. They are based in France so they are only accepting websites whose language is French at the moment, this is a great network for users looking to monetize their french language websites They offer stand banners as well as widgets in which you can add to your website to make money from your visitors. You can earn from 0,05€ to 0,15€ per click (.7-.20$ cents per click). Review

BinLayer is an ad network who payed for mostly German traffic but now they pay USA,EU,CA traffic too, as well as Worldwide traffic so if you are looking to monetize your India,Pakistan or Asian overall traffic then this is a good network to try out. This is a CPM network so you will be payed based on impressions on a weekly basis. They offer Layer/Hybrid Ads, Banner Ads And Pop Up ads.

Here is a little more info on their Ad Formats: Review (Pop-Under) is an AD network that has been around for about 11 years. They offer publishers a great way to earn money via their popular CPV (Cost Per View) method. You will be given a URL which you can promote as a Pop-Up/Pop-Under on your site or in any other traffic exchange programs. Sign up and place their pop-up code on your website and start earning money from your visitors. They pay for a lot of countries, so this is a great network to monetize most of your tier 3 traffic such as Indian,Pakistan or just Asian traffic overall. Every time your Pop-up is viewed you will be payed depending on what country the visitors is from, you can even be paid .05 cents just for one pop up view. Join Now!

Make money gambling online

Getting Started – Online Gambling Tips

Choose an online casino or gambling site with a good reputation and positive reviews.

Make sure the site accepts players from your country.

Before you sign up, deposit, or accept free bonus money, read the site’s terms and conditions. Look for trust signals such as licensing information, 3rd party software audit reports (which ensure fairness), and SSL data encryption.

There are a lot of reputable and safe gambling sites, but there are just as many bad ones that you should avoid at all costs. With all the various gambling laws and regulations, you need to select an online gambling site that accepts players from your country.