Moneytize is an CPC (cost per click) ad network for both publishers and advertiser. They are based in France so they are only accepting websites whose language is French at the moment, this is a great network for users looking to monetize their french language websites They offer stand banners as well as widgets in which you can add to your website to make money from your visitors. You can earn from 0,05€ to 0,15€ per click (.7-.20$ cents per click).

Their dashboard is pretty nice and sleek and full of data so you will be able to keep track of all your site’s progress.

They pay by PayPal on a NET 60 basis.

The minimum payment is €35 Euros ($47.66 Dollars).

They also have a referral system in which you can refer users to their network and you will be paid 5 Euros every time one of your referred users requests their first payment.

SIGN UP NOW and start making money from your French websites.


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