Make $100+ per day with CPALEAD

In this article we will show you how to make money online using CPA. This is a proven method which can generate you even $500+ every single day with

Here are some stats:


This method we are going to show you is the YouTube money making method. is one of the best CPA networks with surveys from tens of countries and new ones are added daily. Some of them can turn conversions as high as 25% from US and UK traffic.

Before you start earning you’ll have to get accepted into their network, if you do what I tell you to in the next few steps, you should be accepted into their network within 24 hours or even less.

Make sure you have a domain name, if you don’t have a domain name then you can register one at or

CPALead is important because of the gateway they provide. You can use this gateway to block any sort of content you may have on your own website, game content, movie content, music, pictures.

Once you have a CPALead account  the next step is to register a new account with YouTube so you’ll be able to upload videos with descriptions linking to your site.

You’ll need a website with wordpress installed on it. If you’re not familiar with WordPress Installation, you can always contact me and I will give you a great resource to help you out installing your wordpress blog. It’s pretty easy actually, you can just Google “Install WordPress” and follow a solid tutorial.

The example I’ll be using with this method will be related to watching movies online for free. (This converts for me best)Find a free basic wordpress theme you can use on your own website to be able to start posting blog entries to watch movies on.

So you’ve installed your WordPress blog. Now what? How to make money?

Once you have the wordpress installed, start posting a blog entry on new movie releases. You’re looking for new movies not all the outdated crap out there, as this is quite downer actually for most of your visitors and you don’t want them leaving your site right away. You have to make them COMPLETE THE SURVEY or take action on your offer.

Add a poster picture for better clicks. Here’s an example of one of a great picture to add.

YouTube Videos for make money How to MAKE MONEY   $3000 Daily From CPALead


You’ll have different YouTube videos for every post you want to do on your blog. So if you post about the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’, make a YouTube video about watching ‘Alice’ online and have it link to your blog. I’ll get a bit more in details later.

Once they click on “Watch” it leads them to an html page I have setup that looks like this. This is the actual gateway that pops up and if you’ve been in the marketing filed but never with CPA you might not even know how a gateway looks like. It doesn’t have to be a fake page, you could actually embed the real movie if you feel like you won’t get in trouble.

CPALead lets you edit and customize every gateway exactly the way you want it, you can change pretty much everything on your gateway.


Premium Movie Area How to MAKE MONEY   $3000 Daily From CPALead


So, once they complete a survey, the popup gateway should disappear and they can either enjoy their movie, or have it redirect them to another website. First make sure you have 10 posts on your blog before signing up with That way you’ll get approved 100%.

You should get approved in no time… Don’t worry if you really don’t get approved then you will surely be on your second attempt, they need to see a quality site so use a nice wordpress theme wisely.

Uploading to YouTube is simple; it works as on pretty much all video websites. Find a screenshot from the movie you’ll be uploading a video about, try to find a screenshot from an actual scene in the movie and place it near the center of the video you’ll be creating with Windows Movie Maker so that the YouTube thumbnail makes it look like the actual movie when someone is searching. Add some crappy music to your video so that when they play it they’ll feel like closing it immediately. (Use this tip wisely on all your videos)

Your title should look something similar to this..

Watch<Insert Movie Title><Movie Year>Online Free, part 1/13, full length movie.

And your link will appear underneath each video.

YouTube Video Creative Description How to MAKE MONEY   $3000 Daily From CPALead


Ok do you see that tiny link under each video? That gets some crazy clicks .. some of my videos have a 30% click though rate.

TIP! While making your video on Windows Movie Maker, state something like you see in the picture above. “Movie was removed due to copyright issues” or something… Be creative, that’s the key.

Ok so you get the picture.. In fact you’re half way done. Thousands of people are searching everyday on YouTube for free movies online, why not take advantage of it and make a quick buck?

The more videos you make, the more traffic you get… Just so you don’t think this is like getting rich overnight I’ll throw in some figures.. I’ve got over 3000 videos uploaded on YouTube and many more will be uploaded in the weeks to come, that are generating me over $3000 a day.

Ok .. you might be something like.. When will I be able to upload so many movies?

You can always outsource the uploading with as low as 0.10 – 0.20 per movie and eliminate all the hard work that can take your a week or two.. If you’re the “hard working” type then you can do it all by yourself. You’ll get bored quick, but once the money start rolling in I’m sure you’ll be open to invest some of it. Trust me you can make as much as 3 Grand a Day using this technique!

The more traffic, the more money… it’s obvious…

You might wonder why there’s so much money to be made with Well since most of the surveys are free and people usually are looking for “FREE” stuff online they take a change to either WIN an Apple Ipad or $10,000 to remodel their kitchen (just two examples of some surveys) It’s all free in the end and they got nothing to lose..

It’s just like scratching a lottery ticket for free.. Last time I’ve checked with the lottery they weren’t free. A lottery ticket costs about $2 in Europe..

This method can be used for other niches, not just movies, I was just giving an example. Always look at the BIG picture.. and get as creative as you can. You’ll soon stumble over thousands of other movies uploaded by guys in



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