GetGamers is an AD network who focuses on gaming websites since they offer gaming ads and have over 1,000+ advertisers. They offer Pop-Unders (Site under/Pop Ups), Pre-roll, Mobile and ‘Back Traffic’ campaigns. You probably never heard of a Back Traffic campaign but it basically works like this: You will earn from visitors that come to your site from search engines and leave, using “Back” button. When they click the back button they will be shown and ad page in which you will earn money from. You will be given a $20 euro bonus when you sign up.


When a visitor is about to leave your site by clicking “Back”, we are able to present him an advertisement in the same browser window.

Example – a visitor comes from Google, does not find what he is looking for, clicks “Back” and sees advertisement. You get paid for your bounce traffic!

  • Payment type: Payal
  • Payment Frequency: NET30 (Every 30 days)
  • Minimum Payment: $100


If you are looking to monetize your gaming traffic then feel free to try this network out. This network accepts worldwide traffic such as Indian,Iraq,Iran,Pakistan,etc but keep in mind that traffic from USA,UK,CA always pays the most.


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