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EpicGameAds is a great ad network to earn money from. EpicGameAds accepts online arcade gaming websites so if you have a free online games website then you are in luck. They offer a loyalty program in which they pay your early depending on how long you have been with them, after being with them for over 6 months you will get paid the full amount you made that month in 15 days instead of waiting 30 days for your payment.




EpicGameAds pays based on CPC/CPM.

Here are their rates for pop-under (1,000 Impressions)

* They offer the industry standard 728×90,300×250,160×600 & Pop Under. (They are CPC except for the PopUnders which are CPM)

* They have games which you can add to your website and earn a percentage of what users spend on the game’s in-game store.
* Offer one of the best pop under rates I have seen so far.
-$14 per 1,000 pop-under impressions for USA,UK,CA traffic.
-About 6$ per 1,000 impressions for the rest of the world.
* Pays Monthly (NET30) via PayPal. (Once you reach 6 months with them then you will start to get payed every 15 days *NET15* )
This network mainly focuses on gaming sites so they prefer Arcade gaming websites but other niches use this network so if you have a non-gaming niche feel free to apply and see if they accept you


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