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eDomz is a great CPV and PPC network, They offer Pop Ups and Pop under ads as well as CPM/CPC banner ads. They are known for paying very well for Asian and Indian traffic but like every ad network if your traffic is mainly USA,UK then you will get the most out of this network or any network to be specific since AD networks will always pay the most for USA traffic. If you use the Pop-up/Pop-Under from eDomz which are CPM then you will be payed per unique visitors.

If you are looking for a great Pop ups/ Pop unders network then this is the one of the best networks around that will give you the best rates, if you are looking to make money from your Indian or Asian traffic then this network will probably pay you the most for your traffic. SIGN UP FOR EDOMZ CPM/CPC / SIGN UP FOR EDOMZ POP-UNDER(POP-UP)

eDomz minimum payment is $5 which means you will get paid whenever your account reached the $5 threshold, they pay on a NET 15 basis (Every 15 days). Even small publishers can easily achieve their $5 threshold. They pay by PayPal, Payza, MoneyBookers. If you are serious about making money from your website and monetizing your Indian, Pakistan, Asian traffic or simply your worldwide traffic then give eDomz a try and start using a pop ups network or you can use their CPC/CPM ads and earn money based on clicks just like adsense.

Here is some payment proof from January:

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  1. Thanks for the review i was looking for ad network that pays well…and i think this could be good choice..i have also reviewed a great ad network that pay well for Indian traffic…

  2. Thanks for the info and payment proof. I was looking info-reviews about Edomz.

    You can also check the following webise if you want to read some extra info,a guide and reviews.

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