CPMStar.com Review

CPMStar is a leading AD Network for the gaming industry, they have been around since 2001 so they are very reliable and not some random network that may disappear the next day. CPMStar provides quality ads related to gaming so they are a network that solely work with gaming related websites, especially Flash Arcade Portals. Since they provide gaming related ads it’s a great network to use on your gaming website as it will yield high CTRs (But that of course depends on your ad location set up). CPMStar works with both CPC and CPM ads. With CPC ads you will be paid per click and with CPM you will be paid per impression (Ad View).

They provide different type of ads such as:

  1. Dynamic Editorial
    You choose the size and format of this thumbnail ad to match or replace existing content, either small image or text. This is a high performing unit that can be customized to fit any page.
  2. Static Editorial
    These are direct links to popular games that you can feature as top content on your site.
  3. Video PreRoll
    Show a video ad before any content on your site, even flash games.
  4. Video Floor Ad
    This format brings up a video player in the bottom right corner of your web page. Starts with muted audio that can be unmuted by the user.
  5. Anchor Ad
    These are a mix of 728×90 banners and custom-designed creative to fit on the bottom of the page. Users are able to hide the ad.
  6. Flash Kit
    We offer a kit to set up ads to show within your flash games or video. We also offer a flash game sponsor program if you work with developers.
  7. Mobile Ad Formats
    If your website is optimized for Mobile we offer the following ad sizes: 320×50, Static 300×250, 300×50, 216×36, HTML5¬†Video and Expandable¬†Banners.
  8. Pushdown
    CPMStar works closely with many agencies and offers site-specific premium buys from time to time targeting specific demographics. These include high rate, high impact units such as pushdowns and site takeovers. Please inquire if interested.
  9. YouTube Static Editorial
    If you create videos for games these direct links can be used on YouTube! Place the link in the video’s description and you are set, this revenue is additive to the money you already receive from YouTube.

CPMSTAR has a NET30 payment system which means you will be paid every 30 days as long as you reach the minimum payment amount which is $50 and they pay by PayPal or Check/Cheque.

Here is some Payment proof:


If you are ready to start monetizing your USA,CA,UK or simply worldwide traffic such as Indian then feel free to apply as a publisher by filling out their simple application and wait for approval. Once you have been approved you can start showing ads on your website. CLICK HERE TO JOIN CPMSTAR!


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