Epom.com Review

The Epom AD Market is an ad-network that gives quality publishers the opportunity to unite directly with the advertisers. Epom ensures that you get one of the highest eCPM rates in the market. Epom works with various formats such as display,mobile ads for mobile sites and apps. Epom as huge variety of different ad formats, such as the industry standard banner sizes, pop ups, pop under and many more formats as well as custom size banners. You can use them along side Google AdSense if you’d like. This network is also an excellent choice for users trying to monetize their tier 3  Asian traffic such as Pakistan,India,etc.

GameCPM.com Review

GameCPM.com is an AD network that works with arcade gaming websites. You can use GAMECPM as a publisher if you wish to earn money from your arcade website or as an advertiser if you wish to promote an arcade website which you already own. GameCPM pays on CPC and CPM and you will be able to also advertise in both pricing models.

If you are a publisher you will be able to add AD formats such as the following standard banner sizes:(728×90,300×250,336×280,160×600,120×6900,100×100,200×200,468×60,200×200). They also offer PRE-ROLL ads which are ads that will be displayed right before your game loads, this ads generate high CTR (Click Through Rates) so that means you can really earn a lot using pre-rolls. You can also use their Pop-Under (Pop Ups) ads as well as their site skin ads which look really nice on a lot of sites and also have a high click through rate. As an advertiser you have the chance to advertise in all these formats.

PopMyAds.com Review

PopMyAds is an Pop-Under (Pop-Ups) AD network that pays for all traffic so you can monetize your worldwide traffic.  They are very similar to PopAds.net, their website is pretty new but their company started in 2011. They accept all kinds of websites including Adult websites. The rates you will get per 1,000 impressions depend on your traffic stats such as from what country is the visitor coming from, keep in mind that every AD network will always pay the most for USA,UK,CA traffic. Once you register an account at PopMyAds you will be able to use it as a publisher and advertiser account from the same dashboard. Their dashboard looks pretty sleek and nice. SIGN UP NOW!

Smowtion.com Review

Smowtion is an AD network who offers ADS in the combination of CPC,CPM and CPA, they offer various formats such as standard leaderboards and banners, to pop-ups and sliders. Their rates are quite low, however, with the network using a combination of CPM, CPC, and CPA campaigns with on-page ad rates often hovering around $0.05 – $0.15 eCPMs. This is a pretty good network to use as your last tier. Their revenue share is 60% but if you sign up using a referral you will get 80% revenue share. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP WITH 80% REVENUE SHARE.

PopCash.net Review (Pop-Under CPM)

Popcash.net is a pop-under network (or as some like to call it, Pop Ups). Pop-unders open beneath your browser window so they aren’t really annoying as pop ups and most of your visitors won’t even notice it.  With PopCash you can set a limit on how many pop unders you would like to show a visitor per 24 hours, so you can limit it to show the same user only 1 or 2 pop unders per 24 hours. PopCash.net also allows adult websites so if you have an adult website then you can use PopCash and you will deliver adult related ads to your visitors. You have the option to disable Adult ads from showing to your visitors. Traffic from all countries is accepted, good if you are trying to find a network to monetize your Indian, Pakistan and Asian traffic. Keep in mind that all networks pay the best from Tier 1 countries such as USA,Canada and UK.   SIGN UP TODAY!

eDomz.com Review

eDomz is a great CPV and PPC network, They offer Pop Ups and Pop under ads as well as CPM/CPC banner ads. They are known for paying very well for Asian and Indian traffic but like every ad network if your traffic is mainly USA,UK then you will get the most out of this network or any network to be specific since AD networks will always pay the most for USA traffic. If you use the Pop-up/Pop-Under from eDomz which are CPM then you will be payed per unique visitors.

UnderdogMedia Review (CPC/CPM/CPA)

UnderdogMedia.com is an Ad network who offers CPC, CPM and CPA (cost per per click, Cost Per Millions, Cost Per Action) Solutions. Once you are in their network you can manually choose what type of ads would you like to display such as CPC, CPM or CPA ads, you can also individually allow or disallow certain ads to display such as low paying ADS,etc. They offer the industry standard banner sizes (728×90, 300×250 , 160×600 ), they also offer Pop-unders and website skins ad types.

PopAds.net Review (Pop-Under CPM)

PopAds.net is one of the best pop-under or pop-up networks in the industry when it comes to their rates and customer support. PopAds is pretty popular among webmasters who are trying to monetize their Asian traffic especially their Indian traffic since PopAds seems to pay above average for Asian traffic. So if you are looking to monetize your Indian traffic or just Tier 3 traffic overall then look no further. Keep in mind that PopAds is just like any other pop under network, when it comes to USA traffic they will pay the most.

Taggify CPC/CPM network Review

Taggify is a CPC and CPM Ad network which allows their publishers to monetize their content such as photos,video and their articles with text links, you can basically monetize every content which you have on your site.

Taggify provide its publishers with great CPM/CPC rates, I personally haven’t used it but according to my friends the least CPM offered by Taggify is $0.68 and the maximum till now is $9.47.

MobiCow.com Review

MobiCow.com is a great mobile CPM ad networks. They offer one of the highest CPM’s around, you can get as high as $10 per 1,000 mobile impressions. If you want to use them as an advertiser then you can easily create a campaign and it’s pretty cheap too, only $5 to get a campaign started which is better than other networks who required at least $50 to start an advertising mobile campaign. If you plan to use Mobicow as an advertiser then you can easily promote CPA mobile offers or just promote your own mobile app or website.