Before I get to a more detailed review of copacet, let me start by saying that now this gaming ad network also delivers adsense ads and offer a 70% revenue share (Adsense only offers a 68% share)

Copacet is a professional Advertising Network for arcade/game sites but they also accept other type of entertainment websites. This network offers CPM, CPC, CPA and CPS, but the CPM ads seem to be the most important form of advertising in this gaming ad Network.  All of their CPC,CPM,CPA and CPS ads deliver gaming related banners.

On top of great payouts, this Ad network also provides one of the most excellent technical support in the industry and will also help their publishers get the highest return rate of investment, and increase their profits. So, whether it is the advertisers, or publishers join the CPM Network is probably a correct choice.

Publishing gains access to our full line of campaigns and ad formats in Copacet. There is many high eCPM price form of advertising for publishers, including pop-unders and prerolls. But eCPM price not only related to the types of CPM Ads, but also has a great relationship with traffic sources and click ratio. In this CPM Network, you can to easily track where your revenue is coming from. Publishers can create campaign instances for fine grained reporting. These features can greatly improve the income of the publishers by optimizing ad layouts.

Commission Type:CPM(Raw)/CPC/CPA/Gaming related ADS
Minimum Payment:$ 50
Payment Frequency:Net-0, Monthly
Payment Method:PayOal,Check,Direct Deposit & US Wire


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  1. There is a new CPM based ad network called Nox CPM (
    They pay weekly (every sunday, on-time payments), $10 minimum payout, dynamic high rates (up to $2.00/CPM), multiple ad formats,
    premium support 24/7, worldwide publishers accepted, no minimum traffic required and 100% fill rate (I got this info from Nox CPM website).
    So far it’s working very well to me. You may give it a try 🙂

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