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Adtear is a partner network of one of the best ad companies, AdBuff which offers very competitive CPM rates. Adtear offers the same the quality as AdBuff but has less traffic requirements and accepts international traffic worldwide so it’s the better choice for small publishers.

In order to get started head over to AdBuff by clicking HERE then sign up as publisher and submit your sites for consideration. After they review your sites they will decide if to include you in their ultra premium network Adbuff or in their lower rates Adtear network. They offer a $25 sign up bonus which will be given to you once you have been running their ads for 60 days.

They offer a referral system in which you will earn 5% of your referred Publisher’s earnings or 5% of your refereed advertisers deposits.

They offer the standard banner sizes:

  • 300×250
  • 728×90
  • 160×600
  • 468×60

Payment Methods & Thresholds (NET45):

  • Paypal – minimum of 100$
  • Payoneer – minimum of 100$
  • Wire – minimum of 500$

The Adbuff/Adtear network is a great alternative to AdSense,  they offer great CPM rates to their publishers and always pay on time.

Payment Proof:

I’ll be providing payment proof soon.